2007 to 2009 LEGACY Youtube Aged Accounts


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What will you receive?

  • YouTube Aged account from 2007-2009
  • Accounts with Videos
  • Phone verified, and live stream enabled – Main channel
  • How to optimize each channel you create for better rankings
  • Delivered by email within 24 hours
  • I will tell you the affordable membership site were you will learn all the possible strategies to harness the power of local an affiliate video SEO through mass upload to drive instant traffic, live-streaming videos for website SEO (no penalties ever)
  • A list of all USA, UNITED KINGDOM, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, DENMARK, BELGIUM, DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, INDIA, ITALY, NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, PORTUGAL, ROMANIA, RUSSIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, TURKEY cities and towns in excel format, so you can target local terms. (The USA file alone has 42k locations.)

If you still have doubts about the value you will get with this Aged YouTube Account, please visit this link.

Example of a bulk upload project:


The reason why this accounts are separated by years, is because the older the accounts the better are the rankings on Google or YouTube.

  • This accounts were registered when YouTube was bought by Google.
  • They are powerful accounts. What this means? it means the rankings of your videos will be much higher in Google and YouTube.
  • You will be able to upload much more quantity of videos than a recent account.
  • And YouTube gives preference to show your videos on the related videos section, when they come from aged accounts, which means more views and more traffic.
  • If you do any kind of YouTube marketing then you should know how powerful this accounts are.