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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Expired Domains and Accounts

  1. Because the exact metrics of each account is made available prior to purchasing, there are no refunds. If the login credentials supplied do not work, the purchase will be replaced with a similar account.
  2. We find and register the expired domains and accounts and domains but it is your responsibility to optimize and maintain your Web 2.0 as you would with any normal website.
  3. You are free to use these expired Web 2.0 blogs and accounts for any purpose. Ownership of the properties is transferred to you upon payment.

Set and Forget SEO Service

  1. We make no express guarantees that the use of this service will get your websites or videos ranked in the search engines within any given time frame.
  2. Because of the powerful Web 2.0 properties supplied with this service plus the amount manual work needed to put the strategy in place, there are no refunds