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Aged Youtube Accounts

Aged YouTube Accounts for Sale

Aged Youtube Accounts from 2007-2009

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Aged Youtube Accounts from 2010-2012

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What Are the Main Benefits if You Buy this YouTube Accounts:

  • Allow the user to Rank Videos 50% to 100% higher on Average according to the Case Study in this page (Google and YouTube).
  • Allow you to create up to 100 channels within the same YT Account without Phone verification.
  • The “Authority and Age of the Account”, pass through, to the additional channels.
  • They withstand more copy right claims and YouTube will not shut down your account right away.
  • Some of our users have stated that are using his accounts to earn money from YouTube AdSense program have reported that they receive more revenue per 1000 views than from a newly created YouTube account.
  • They are completely safe to use. They have been created several Years ago and with Activity.
  • Conclusion, this accounts are valuable, demand is high and there are not many around. Some of them I have register myself, others I got from people that didn’t need them anymore.

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4. Uploading – Livestreaming Videos to Newly Created Channel

5. Checking Rankings of Live Streamed Videos With the Newly Created Channel

6. Uploading – Livestreaming Videos to Aged YouTube Channel

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